eHR System - Introduction and Training Documentation
e.H.R. Logo Teacher Assignment and Transfer Program (TATP) Documents and Links for Teachers


Teacher Request for Transfer and/or Intra-School Reassignment (Form DOE OHR 200-010)  <--Transfer Application (OAHU ONLY)

Teacher Transfer Program Interview Assessment (Form DOE OHR 200-008)


Posting 1 (opening February 24, 2016, closing March 8, 2016)

Posting 2 (opening April 12, 2016, closing April 18, 2016)


TATP Memo for Teachers

TATP Online Application Quick Sheet for Teachers (Neighbor Island Pilot, Phase II)

TATP Memo for Administrators

TATP Memo Attachment - events timeline


Teachers - How to print your HQ Certificate



Guidelines regarding the movement of teachers between the DOE and Public Charter Schools