Need Help Logging Into the PDE3 system?

To gain access to this site you should be using your Internet login, a.k.a. Lotus Notes Webmail, eCSSS, Official Enrollment Count login.
2.  User name(Not case sensitive):first name [space] last name. Example: daijo kaneshiro. Or, you can use your eight-digit DOE Employee ID number as your username.
3.  Password(Case sensitive):the PDE3 password is the same DOE Internet password used for other DOE services accessed over the internet, such as Lotus Notes webmail, eCSSS, or ARCH systems.

If you do not know or do not remember your Login/Password you may request a password reset using the "Request Password Reset" link below. A temporary user ID and password only for PDE3 will be emailed to your Lotus Notes account automatically. The Lotus Notes Support Section (LNSS) will then either provide your current internet password or, if the password is not retrievable from their records, they will reset it for you and send your new permanent password to your Lotus Notes account. The password provided by LNSS will be used for Lotus Notes webmail, eCSSS, ARCH, and PDE3.

Please note: Users with eCSSS access who do not know their password will be asked to contact their SSC or User Manager to request a reset if the password is not retrievable.

Users who do not have access to Lotus Notes accounts during school breaks or intersessions should ask their school SASA or administrator to email:Password request to submit a password request on their behalf. The school SASA or administrator will receive the new password to transmit to the user. This process may take up to 5 business days.

For security purposes, password information will only be sent to a valid DOE Lotus Notes account or to your school SASA, office secretary, or Tech Coordinator. Please see your school/office Lotus Notes Administrator if you have not received your password. Password information will not be communicated through telephone or non-DOE e-mail accounts.

If you are still experiencing login difficulties, please contact the Centralized Service Desk at (808) 377-8320 between the hours of 7:45am and 4:30pm HST Monday through Friday except on State/Federal holidays.

Request Password Reset